Henny and Waffles: Los Angeles

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The Globe Theatre, 740 South Broadway , Los Angeles, CA

Henny & Waffles Brunch/Day Party: Henny & Waffles is a brunch and day party created to bridge the gap between brunch goers and Hennessy lovers alike. The targeted demographic ranges from the 23 year old young professional to the 38 year old established adult. Our previous events have generated over 15,000 RSVP’s making it one of the biggest brunches/day parties in Washington DC to date. The brand that is Henny & Waffles is quickly becoming a staple event in which patrons from all over the New York City, Atlanta, And DMV areas look forward to attending. It is our goal to continue to grow this event and ultimately expand to other major cities. Photos/video footage from our previous Henny & Waffles can be seen on the Henny & Waffles official

Instagram page: @HennyAndWaffles